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Boost revenue and customer satisfaction

  • Allow customers to test equipment more accurately – boost revenue, increase
    loyalty and referrals and decrease returns
  • Provides instant feedback and detailed shot analysis after every swing on the golf simulator
  • Offer precision club fitting and club comparison utilizing HD Golf’s™
    integrated simulator tools – differentiate yourself from the competition and ensure
    a perfect fit every time
  • Engage your customers by allowing them to try equipment in an exciting
    and interactive virtual golf environment
  • Provide value-added services including professional golf instruction
    with video swing analysis
  • Drive traffic to your store with exciting contests and in-store events
  • Software Ad Kit – promote in-store specials and events with golf simulator
    on-screen advertising. Sell advertising space for additional revenue
  • Easy-to-use with minimal training – no need to fiddle with complex systems
  • High reliability and virtually no maintenance – ensures your golf simulator
    is operational when it’s needed most

shot_analysis Advanced computer vision ball & club tracking:
  • The most advanced ball and club tracking from the company that pioneered computer vision technology in the golf simulator industry
  • HD Golf™ simulators make more measurements, more accurately than any other simulator – by far (e.g. club face angle at impact +/- 0.1°)
  • Allows customers to play shots the same way they would on the real course
Experience the Realism:
  • Our revolutionary image processing software combines high resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models to produce a totally realistic indoor golf experience
  • HD Golf™ looks and plays like you are on the actual golf course - competitive systems
  • use conventional 3D graphics that look like kids’ video games
range Test Equipment with

  • HD Golf™ simulators are loaded with practice ranges including: target ranges with selectable distances, chipping and putting greens
  • Drivers, fairway woods, utility clubs, long and short irons, wedges and putters can all be tested with confidence in the simulator environment


Club Fitting


Equipment Database


Equipment Comparison


Video Swing Analysis

Drive Sales with Integrated
Software & Accessories:

  • Professional tools and accessories including: club fitting, equipment comparison and equipment database
  • Using the intuitive user interface, retail sales personnel and club fitters can track every club, shaft or golf ball being tested
  • Gap every club in your customers bag
  • Reward customers with a bag full of clubs that fit well and are fine-tuned for their level of play
  • Sell more equipment with more precision
Professional Golf Instruction:
  • Integrated teaching tools for professional instruction, including video swing analysis, swing dynamics and weight transfer/balance
  • All are seamlessly integrated (“plug & play”), easy-to-use, and operate from a single computer and touch screen interface
  • No need to purchase multiple systems when one will do
  • Very easy to operate via
    touchscreen – as easy to use as an ATM
  • Minimal simulator training required
  • Does not require an attendant to operate the golf simulator
Stay Connected:
  • Connect the golf simulator to your PoS system for convenient simulator booking and billing
  • Build loyalty and provide value-added service by allowing customers to store/review club fitting information as well as stats and lessons on-site and online, via “Player Lockers”
  • Live Internet Play – challenge other stores in your chain to “Longest Drive”, and “Closest-to-the-Pin” contests
  • Software updates and remote diagnostics via Internet at the push of a button
On-Screen Advertising
and Promotion:

  • Sell to your customers in an engaging and interactive way
  • Promote sales and special offers with on-screen advertising
  • Boost revenue by selling simulator ad space to suppliers and retail partners
Easy Installation:
  • Multi-purpose and easy to install
  • No sub-floors or room construction required
  • Space efficient
  • Available in either “soft-wall” or “hard-wall” configurations and a variety of simulator model sizes to suit your needs

Drive Traffic with Exciting
In-Store Events:

  • Generate excitement on-site with “Closest-to-the-Pin”, “Longest Drive” and online tournament play
Superior Reliability:
  • HD Golf™ simulators utilize only high quality, business/industrial-rated components
  • HD Golf™ simulators are famous for reliability, with the most robust, field proven computer vision based ball/club tracking in the industry and will continue to operate at 100% efficiency when you need them most

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