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golf_instruction_homeThe Professional Golf Instruction Studio

One System
Integrated Training Tools
Comprehensive Diagnostics & Analysis
  • The Professional Golf Instruction Studio includes a suite of comprehensive
    diagnostic tools that can analyze every part of a golfers swing in real-time

  • Utilizes advanced computer vision technology to provide the most comprehensive
    and precise shot analysis in the golf simulator industry

  • Provides instant feedback and detailed analysis after every swing – allowing
    players to quickly improve their shots

  • Looks and plays like real golf – the only thing more realistic is the course itself

  • Train and practice on an extensive selection of world famous championship golf courses, driving ranges, chipping/putting greens

  • Achieve a competitive edge and boost revenues by offering a teaching environment that will engage your students and make them excited about training
  • Comprehensive data collection, and customizable performance reports

  • Internet connectivity allows you to share, video files, lessons, equipment information
    and much, much more

  • The modular design of HD Golf™ simulators (both hardware and software) allows for a
    high level of flexibility and customization

  • Offer lessons year around – regardless of the weather or time-of-day

  • Easy-to-use – no need to fiddle with complex systems

  • Easy to install – no need for construction or renovation of your current facilities


Advanced computer vision
ball & club tracking:

  • The most advanced ball and club tracking from the company that pioneered computer vision technology in the virtual golf simulator industry
  • HD Golf™ simulators make more measurements, more accurately than any other simulator – by far (e.g. club face angle at impact +/- 0.1°)
  • Allows students to play shots the same way they would on the real course


Shot Analysis:
  • HD Golf simulators have the unique capability to measure all critical ball and club parameters with high accuracy
  • Measurements include:
    • Distance (carry & roll)
    • Ball speed
    • Club-head speed
    • Efficiency (“smash factor”)
    • Launch angle
    • Swing-path (outside/in, inside/out)
    • Club head angle at impact
    • Ball position re: club-head at impact
    • Ball spin
    • Spin axis


One System, Integrated Training Tools,
Comprehensive Diagnostics & Analysis

High Definition Golf™ provides a totally integrated  professional golf instruction studio which is completely modular and includes “closed loop” diagnostic tools for shot analysis, video swing analysis, swing dynamics and weight transfer/balance analysis. In addition, there are feature-rich tools for precision club fitting and equipment comparison.

These tools operate seamlessly from a single computer system providing comprehensive data collection and various simultaneous display options. The  golf simulator also generates a variety of performance reports that are customizable and uploaded to “Player Lockers.”

The Player Locker is a web portal that the student can use to access and review lessons, statistics, video swing files, club fitting information as well as sign up for simulator tournaments and league play. The simulator will capture all the rounds played on HD Golf™ simulators around the world and will also let you enter your scores from rounds played outdoors, giving you a complete snapshot of your progress and performance level.


Video Swing Analysis:
  • Easy-to-use – intelligent software allows system to capture the swing automatically and all shot data is attached to the video swing file
  • Features include slow motion replay, freeze-frame and side-by-side comparison
  • Full suite of editing and drawing tools including lines, boxes, angles
  • Features a composite swing model incorporating the swings of Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els. Developed in conjunction with world-renowned golf instructor Jim McLean
  • Audio can also be recorded so that the entire lesson can be captured and later reviewed by students and/or used for other training purposes


Swing Dynamics Analysis:
  • Makes a comprehensive series of highly accurate swing dynamic and shaft measurements in “real-time” including:
    • Angle of attack
    • Club head acceleration
    • Wrist cock
    • Shaft flex & Load factor
    • Position of maximum club head speed
    • Club head speed at impact
    • Swing tempo


Weight Transfer Analysis:
  • Provides instructors with a comprehensive series of  balance measurements, collected at every point of the students swing including:
    • Balance
    • Weight transfer
    • Center of gravity
    • Tempo
  • All information including graphs and weight distribution patterns are presented on the touch screen and big screen for easy review
  • Professional overlay – compare your weight transfer with those of the pros


Club Fitting & Equipment Comparison:

  • The professional instruction studio comes complete with a series of tools and accessories for club fitting, equipment comparison and an equipment database
  • Using the intuitive user interface, instructors can track every club, shaft or golf ball being used by the student
  • Gap every club in your students bag
  • Make equipment recommendations based on precise data collection


Experience the Realism:
  • Our revolutionary image processing software combines high resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models to produce a totally realistic indoor golf experience
  • HD Golf™ looks and plays like you are on the actual golf course - competitive simulators use conventional 3D graphics that look like kids’ video games


A Complete Practice Facility:

  • HD Golf™ is loaded with practice ranges including: target ranges with selectable  distances, chipping and putting greens
  • Instruct and train in the simulator environment with drivers, fairway woods, utility clubs, long and short irons, wedges and putters

The HDG™ Simulator Practice Facility

  1. Target Fairway – designed to allow golfers to practice shaping shots (draws/fades), ideal for training with drivers and long irons
  2. Target Greens – these greens are set at shorter distances to allow golfers to practice approach shots and build confidence using short irons


Stay Connected:
  • The professional instruction studio enables instructors and students to store and review all of their video files, lessons, statistics as well as club fitting information, tournament play standings and other data on the simulator and the web
  • Remote instruction features “live video/audio” (another industry first) whereby students and instructors can see and talk to each other during lessons or practice
  • Compete in exciting online simulator tournaments
  • Simulator software updates and remote diagnostics via Internet at the push of a button


World Renown Golf Instructor Jim McLean

  • Very easy to operate via touchscreen – as easy to
    use as an ATM
  • Minimal simulator training required


Easy Installation:
  • Multi-purpose and easy to install
  • No sub-floors or room construction required
  • Space efficient
  • Available in either “soft-wall” or “hard-wall” configurations and come in a variety of simulator model sizes to suit your needs


Superior Reliability:
  • HD Golf™ simulators utilize only high quality, business/industrial-rated components
  • HD Golf™ simulators are famous for reliability, with the most robust, field proven computer vision based ball/club tracking in the industry and will continue to operate at 100% efficiency when you need them most


PGA Tour Pro Jerry Kelly

“This is an unbelievable teaching and club-fitting tool. While I’m instructing, the simulator is automatically capturing everything that moves – the player, the club and the ball. I get two video views & extremely accurate measurements of ball launch, club head path and face angle for each swing.”

Jim McLean
World Renown Golf Instructor



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