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Imagine having a home theater that can turn into your favorite golf course. Here, you will find an escape, and the ultimate way to feed your love of the game of golf, regardless of the weather outside or the time of day. It can be a system (simulator) for pure recreation or a powerful environment to tune up your game with a sophisticated series of integrated tools. Of course, your family will love it too, whether they join your foursome for a quick 18 holes at Pebble Beach® or just want to watch a movie on the large screen in High Definition and Dolby surround sound.


Welcome to High Definition™ Golf Simulators

  • Looks and plays like real golf – the only thing more realistic is the course itself

  • Superior accuracy – with the industry’s most advanced computer vision ball & club tracking

  • Provides instant feedback and detailed shot analysis – make adjustments after every swing and see your game improve

  • Play, practice, compete – extensive selection of world famous championship courses, driving ranges, chipping/putting greens, games including “Closest-to-pin,” and “Longest drive”

  • Train at home with integrated professional teaching/training tools including video swing analysis – all operate seamlessly (plug-and-play) from one computer

  • Easy-to-use – no need to fiddle with complex systems

  • Internet connectivity allows you to share video files, lessons, equipment information as well as compete in exciting online tournaments and much, much more

  • Easy installation – no sub-floors or room construction required. HD Golf™ simulators can also be used as an HDTV compatible, surround sound theater for movies, sporting events and video games
  • Virtually maintenance-free

Advanced computer vision ball & club tracking:
  • The most advanced ball and club tracking from the company that pioneered computer vision technology in the golf simulator industry
  • HD Golf™ simulators make more measurements, more accurately than any other  golf simulator – by far (e.g. club face angle at impact +/- 0.1°)
  • Allows golfers to play shots the same way they would on the real course

Experience the Realism:
  • Our revolutionary image processing software combines high resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models to produce a totally realistic indoor golf experience
  • HD Golf™ looks and plays like you are on the actual course - competitive systems use conventional 3D graphics that look like kids’ video games

  • Very easy to operate via touchscreen – as easy to use as an ATM

Learn and Train at Home

  • Detailed shot analysis
  • Professional tools and accessories including video swing analysis and club fitting, all at your fingertips
  • All are seamlessly integrated (“plug & play”), easy-to-use, and operate from a single computer and touch screen interface

Superior Reliability:

  • HD Golf™ simulators utilize only high quality, business/industrial-rated components
  • HD Golf™ simulators are famous for reliability, with the most robust, field proven computer vision based ball/club tracking in the industry
  • Software updates and remote diagnostics via Internet at the push of a button

Models & Installation:
  • Available in either “soft-wall” or “hard-wall” configurations and a variety of model sizes to suit your needs
  • No sub-floors or room construction required


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