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Simulator based Club fitting System 

Professional club fitters take into consideration many factors when fitting clubs to a golfer. Whether it is a student just learning the game or a seasoned professional with years of experience the right fitting and most comfortable clubs will ultimately determine how well an individual will play the game. The big question is where do you start? Today, with so many choices in the marketplace, club fitters need a better tool that will help connect the golfer to his or hers perfect clubs. For that reason, High Definition Golf™ simulators introduces a revolutionary system for club fitters.

After studying the club fitting industry for many years, the engineers and scientists at Interactive Sports Technologies have developed a club fitting system that is easy -to-use and integrates seamlessly into the HD Golf™ golf simulator. The HD Golf™ club fitting software uses advanced computer vision technology to make a comprehensive series of highly accurate measurements in real-time. These measurements are then displayed on the simulator touch screen and large display screen for instant feedback. Using the intuitive simulator  user interface, the club fitter can track every club shaft or even golf ball being tested and allows the club fitter to gap every club in their customers bag. As a result the customer will be rewarded with a bag full of clubs that fit well and are fine-tuned for their level of play.

Using this advanced simulator based tool, club fitters can study the data they receive and then make recommendations based on key performance indicators that can now be captured and displayed by the golf simulator. These include shot distance (carry & roll), ball speed, clubspeed, launch angle, swing-path (outside/in, inside/out), club head angle at impact (within +/- 10th of a degree), ball spin and trajectory (fade, draw, hook, slice). The system will also measure shaft flex profile, club head acceleration, position of maximum club head speed, angle of attack, load factor and even swing tempo.

HD Golf™ simulators make more
measurements more accurately...

  • Distance
  • Ball speed
  • Club-head speed
  • Efficiency (“smash factor”)
  • Launch angle
  • Swing-path
  • Club head angle at impact
  • Ball position re: club-head at impact
  • Ball spin
  • Spin axis
  • Trajectory
  • Shaft flex/deflection (with additional module)
  • Load factor
  • Swing acceleration
  • Angle of Attack
  • Swing tempo


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