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Live Internet Play

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Looking to take your High Definition Golf™  simulator experience to the next level? Why not try our
new live Internet play, and when we say live that doesn’t just mean sharing a scoreboard!
Join our growing community of HD Golf™ simulator owners online–where you can chat with
friends, make new ones and then when you are ready, compete head-to-head.

Live Internet play allows players in different simulators or different locations to see and
talk to each other during a game, using picture in picture technology and lapel microphones.
Watch every shot as it happens. See your opponent hit the perfect tee shot and watch as
it soars through the air and land in the middle of the fairway. And thanks to the big screen,
if you slice one into the woods, well your opponent will see that too!

You might as well be riding in the same cart together. Our next level technology creates
an immersive experience and takes virtual golf to a whole new level of reality.


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