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frequently asked questions

Why High Definition Golf™ and not another golf simulator?

1. Realism- True 3D course modeling & photo realistic graphics - projected in true HD
2. Accuracy- Critical Club & Ball Launch data measured to 1/10th degree - not calculated
3. Versatility- Recreation, Competition, Practice, Learning, Instruction & Club-Fitting
4. Connectivity- Remote Live Instruction, Competition and Diagnostics
5. Reliability – Technology developed for 24/7/365 industrial application
6. Integration – Simulator and all modules are fully integrated - require only one workstation
7. Simplicity – Convenient touch screen – simple menu interface – ease of installation

1. Golf Course rendering process

The HD Golf™ revolutionary image processing software utilizes high resolution digital images to create life-like “skins” and Geophysical Information Systems (GIS) to replicate accurate terrain and elevation data. This proprietary process creates a true 3D model of the entire golf course that not only looks real, but is completely accurate. Every tree, bunker, and hazard is faithfully reproduced exactly as you would see it when playing the actual golf course. The only thing more realistic is the course itself!

2. High Definition Golf™ uses advanced club and ball tracking technology developed by IST

The HD Golf™ proprietary system has the unique capability to measure all aspects of both club and ball motion at high resolution. Approximately 1 million individual sensors cover the entire play area providing extremely precise measurement accuracy of all parameters. Low handicap golfers and Pro’s who know their club distances well and can shape their shots will particularly notice a significant difference in accuracy. Draws, fades, hooks, slices, thin and fat shots are accurately reproduced every time.
Our club head data module is included with all systems as is the powerful, but easy to use, club comparison software - making High Definition Golf™ exceptional for club-fitting and instruction!

3. What do I get with the High Definition Golf™  simulator package?

High Definition Golf™ is sold and installed as a complete simulator package. The golf simulator package includes the following major components: Pentium Duo Core professional workstation, HDTV compatible high brightness projector, 19” touch screen, HD Golf's™ Precision Club & Ball Tracking system, golf frame including high brilliance screen with “quiet” technology, retractable weighted side curtains, Pro-grade nylon golf turf and tee mats, and a 250W stereo sound system.
Software includes world famous courses, practice ranges, chipping and putting greens, games and contests such as long drive, closest-to-pin, windows and field goal challenge, trajectory analysis, club fitting, club face and swing-path analysis tools. Since High Definition Golf™ is a very high performance, integrated multi-processor system, we cannot sell software separately to run on home PC’s.
There are a variety of accessories and options available including: professional grade swing capture and analysis, and Internet play with live video and audio. For professional applications, High Definition Golf™ is the only simulator that offers a completely integrated “Professional Studio” where everything works together seamlessly using one computer system. For multi-simulator installations, we offer the Golf Center Management software solution to book tee times, manage league play, download player stats, place promotional ads, and more.

4. Internet Connectivity

Remote Diagnostics and Support

All High Definition Golf™  simulator models include Internet connectivity that provides live remote diagnostics and support. The standard simulator system utilizes the Internet to enable our full-service support staff to be “at your door” with the click of a button.
Have you heard or experienced the nightmare stories of contracted computer support resulting in days, weeks or months of downtime or the hassle of packing and shipping faulty sensor mats or circuit boards? High Definition Golf™ capture technology was developed originally for international factory automation applications. Our motion detection systems were designed and built to operate 24/7/365 in harsh environments.
In the unlikely event that something is not functioning properly with a system, one click of the keyboard connects our staff engineers for live, remote diagnostics. The same technicians that designed and built your High Definition Golf™ simulator will diagnose and correct any problems immediately. You will be swinging again in minutes with no worries, except for that big water hazard to the left of the 18th fairway!
Remote Competition

Want to compete? Whether with a friend in another state or someone else looking for competition, only High Definition Golf™ connects your bay with theirs for live audio, video and data transfer. Using picture-in-picture technology on the simulator big screen and stereo sound, each player's swings, shots and comments are transmitted and received. Take your game online with incredible ease. High Definition Golf remote competition doesn't just mean a shared static scoreboard. Next level technology means for a new level of reality.
Remote Instruction
High Definition Golf™ connects you to your favorite instructors. That’s right, anyone, anytime from the comfort of your home. Imagine the possibilities! High Definition Golf™’s standard simulator system is known for the accuracy of its data capture for both club motion and ball launch. Your instructor will have a live audio, video and data connection with your bay. You will have them on your big screen with stereo sound. The extensive accurate data collected for each of your swings, as well as control of the two high-speed color video cameras allows your remote instructor to make complete swing analysis and comparisons.
With High Definition Golf™ remote lessons can actually be better than a standard outdoor video lesson because your instructor has two video views and all the critical club and ball data the system measures for each of your shots.

5. Reliability

The technology that drives High Definition Golf™ was originally developed for automated quality control in high-tech manufacturing facilities where tolerances were only one ten-thousandth of an inch and operation was required 24/7/365 in harsh environments.
The High Definition Golf™ ball and club tracking system is very reliable and requires no maintenance. The standard system includes two years of software updates and live support as well as the industry’s only remote system diagnostics feature. A five year plan is available. Projector bulbs and hitting mats are the only maintenance items.

6. Integration

The “Professional Studio” has been designed primarily as a complete solution for professional instructors, club fitters and golf retailers who have had to utilize several independent technologies for video swing analysis, capturing ball launch data and measuring swing dynamics to properly service their customers.
The standard simulator utilizes three IST high-speed spectrum sensors to provide the industry’s most accurate measurements of ball launch data, club head speed, as well as club face angle and path through impact. Our precise (1/10th of a degree) capture of both club and ball variables is critical to realistically projecting the resulting ball flight.
The Studio model does not require additional computers and utilizes the same easy to use touch screen operator interface. It fully integrates all the additional hardware and software required to provide the extensive accurate data that today’s consumers expect when seeking high quality professional instruction and


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