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Simulator Installation


High definition golf™ SIMULATOR installation

Simulator Installation - General:

  • Multi-purpose and easy to install.
  • No sub-floors or room construction required.
  • High Brightness/contrast HDTV compatible with DVI (digital video input).
  • Excellent for watching sporting events, movies, etc.
  • Space Efficient
  • Superior reliability.
  • High reliability components, auto-calibration, no sensors in the floor that are
    subject to damage.
  • Supports 110V AC or 220V AC.

Simulator Installation - Cage:


  • The Executive H 9’ x W 12’ x L 20’
  • The Standard H 10’ x W 14’ x L 20’
  • The Championship H 11’ x W 15’ x L 20’

Contact us for detailed/custom installations.
Free standing: no additional support required
indoor use only Installation


  • Self-supporting frame/screen and retractable draperies that allow the room to be
  • used for a home theater.
  • Customize your setting – match the décor of your clubhouse or luxury home.


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